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About Us

Atelier word of French origin that means: place where works of art are created. Maybe something pretentious, but it was my intuition.

Atelier 68 degrees was created so that what you thought came true, between warmth and joy, both in floral arrangements, balloon arrangements or decorations for events.

Because when we give away, what we want is to gladden the life of those who receive it.

When they arrive at the store, I look at all the details, such as a wedding.

Essential data place and time of the event, age of the bride and groom, colors, styles that vary today, the most used are glam, boho, boho chic, Farm, minimalist, vintage and romantic.

That’s when the magic is done and the result is the immense smile of the honorees.

What will you find in our store?

In Atelier 68 you can find that gift that can change a person’s day, and that is the intention to brighten up lives … by giving away emotions.

Behind Atelier 68 there is a woman who dreamed of having a place like this, where people feel taken care of in the smallest detail, in a pleasant place.

How it all started?

The road began more than 9 years ago in the basement of my house, going very cold, without losing enthusiasm or joy.

At first they were floral arrangements, and I thought what more can be offered, which carries the flower arrangement, of course cards, so I started learning some stationery.

I kept thinking what else we could add, and that’s where the MAGNIFICENT WORLD OF BALLOONS !!!!!!!

It’s a world apart where there are instructors, great teachers.

I trained with several of these wonderful beings in person in NY and also online.

It’s not just balloons or flowers… it’s art.

They are not just balloons or flowers… they are emotions.

It’s not just balloons or flowers… it’s passion.

The same passion that I put in the attention of each client … BECAUSE EVERY CUSTOMER IS UNIQUE.

My name is Yacqueline and I am at your service.

Thank you


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